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About Us

The Story

ALIZEH is a work of passion by Shireen Sierra. Raised in New York City, Shireen’s love for the unusual yet aesthetically pleasing was born. In a city of 8+ million, she found herself attracted to clothing and accessories that couldn’t be easily found on store racks.

Her need for sunshine and the love of her life brought her to Miami where she learned less truly is more in her new tropical climate. Whether braving the streets at the peak of winter or lounging seaside, Shireen realized that the pieces she adored most were the pieces she felt herself in - confident and cozy with a touch of sass. And so her attraction to the unique, exquisite and comfortable fed the desire to bring ALIZEH to life.


The Experience

Here you will find a thoughtfully curated collection of apparel from around the world. We hope you fall in love with the pieces Shireen has hand selected. They caught her eye, were pleasant to the touch and had a certain something special about them.

Our feeling is that every woman should celebrate the moment that she discovers something truly special -- like that perfect dress in a picture, which she can already envision herself wearing. We want to help you celebrate the beauty you find here. Your order will never simply be placed in a box and shipped off. From browsing our selection of items down to the very moment you open your ALIZEH delivery and hold your wardrobe addition in your hands, we are dedicated to making your experience a memorable one.

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